One Humanity: Many Stories

Join the Rev. Ahriana as she deepens our understanding of our theme, One Humanity: Many Stories, through one-on-one interviews with people from around the world. 

Why this theme?

First, our entire lives are seated in the stories we create about the things that happen to us. It is valuable to unearth and examine these stories, because they deeply affect how we live our lives.

Second, the stories we tell about ourselves, our history, our spirituality, and our world provide energy and direction to the Creative Source. To say this in another way, our stories create our experiences and have manifesting power.

Finally, we teach ourselves and others through our stories. As we move through the various experiences of our lives, the ability to pass our learnings on to others helps us to value the life we have lived and reminds us of what we have our experiences have taught us. Few have the natural ability to tell a  story that it is memorable and interesting. Gifted storytellers control the narrative of our world and inspire us to change and grow.