Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies was founded as the Home of Truth in 1922. We are celebrating 100 years of spiritual service to the community of Colorado Springs this year.  Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies has been guided by the love and wisdom of many different spiritual leaders and ministers, each bringing his or her own special talents and gifts to the job. 

We honor these leaders for all they have done during their years of service:

Maude B. Clark, 1922–??
Dr. De Groat, Maude’s son, ??–1926
Peter Kontek, 1926–1929
Mabel Beech, 1929–1944
Elsa Shellberg, 1944–1950
Ann Winsstead, 1950–1958
Charles Neal, 1958–1961
Carole Guntel, 1961–1967
Jack Barker, 1967–1971
Bill Carpenter, 1971–1974
Andy Lucas, 1974–1980
Elaine Decker, 1980–1985
Tom & Edie Skalitzky, 1985–1995
Rebekah A. Dunlap, 1995–1998
Lana Charlton, 1998–2002
Lawrence E. Palmer, 2002–2010
Ahriana Platten, 2010–2021