The Power of Prayer Class
Thu, Aug 20th 2pm - 3pm
Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies 1945 Mesa Road Colorado Springs, CO 80904

The Power of Prayer Class Facilitated by Rev. Julie Armour We meet EVERY Thursday We invite you into your greatness. Join us as we minister to one another. This program allows you to express your divine potential while giving you deeper fulfillment as you minister with the people you love. Be empowered to pray with one another while recognizing God’s presence in every person and situation. Learn: Affirmative Prayer • Holding Spiritual Space • Emphatic Listening • Holding Confidentiality Join our team of prayer and wellness! Topics to explore:  How prayer works with: Community — Discover your Soul’s greatness and others Soul greatness Education — Do your Soul work Connection and Service — Make a Soul’s difference in the world